Candy Cotton

Kathryne Isabelle Easton

Actor. Director. Writer. Filmmaker. 


The world is divided into two groups:

Those that believe in Magic. 

And those that don't.

I believe in Magic.


HI, my name is Kathryne, and I make films. I write them, then I direct them, usually whilst acting. Sometimes with a wig on! It's a weird life, but it's all I know, and everything I love. For inquiring minds: I can do all three together and each separately. I've directed for Legendary at Geek and Sundry/Nerdist. I've made shorts, web series, and won some awards I am grateful for. I've played witches, news anchors, beauty queens, and doctors. I made a feature film in the lockdown of 2020 about love and Lyme Disease. 



I'm a double Academy Nicholl quarterfinalist for my scripts "Happy Birthday, Ray!" and "Hemorrhage." I've trended on the Blcklst, been on the "lists" for Final Draft Big Break, Screencraft, Bluecat and the second round at Austin. Writing is where it all starts for me, but it's not where it ends...! 

MY MISSION is to tell compelling visual stories, and look... I know it's kinda weird. Not everyone understands the process of the actor that can write and also direct. It's not for everyone, but I can say with certainty it's my life's purpose, and I have spent years honing my process, since I was a teenager. I feel strong in my capabilities to find the beauty in the art and life, the heartbeat of the story and all it's nuanced intricacies, and the truth in filmmaking, which is: have fun. Tell stories that mean something to you, they can be dark, heavy, funny-- anything-- but for chrissake's, have fun. We are only here for but a dash of time. JOY in filmmaking and storytelling informs the whole process, yes? I do not allow assholes or screamers on my sets. We prepare. We flow. We collaborate. We do it with JOY. 

I am looking to connect with like-minded individuals that are here on earth to tell stories they care about, that ache to be told. I am a filmmaker with a keen interest in finding the truth in emotion, or the root cause. At the center of my stories: WOMEN. Ferocious and fancy free.

Come find me where the coffee's on, the marks are set, and the people are kind

Cinema will save us.