Abhorrent Behavior, LLC is a full service production company run by Kathryne and her husband, Matt Fore, a cinematographer and producer. Please visit www.abhorrentbehavior.com for more info on us and what we do.

We're a husband-and-wife creative team that founded Abhorrent Behavior in early 2017 after having produced dozens of short films, web series, viral videos, and commercials over the previous decade.

Kathryne handles the writing and directing, while Matt handles the cinematography and editing, and they produce together.  Their two sides of technical craft and artistry blend together serendipitously to encompass the entire process of filmmaking, from pre-to-post, which makes them efficient, thorough, and savvy collaborators. 

Abhorrent Behavior produces its projects all in-house from top-to-bottom. When you work with us to bring your project into fruition, you're not only getting years of valuable industry experience -- from above and below the line -- but you're also working with a boutique team that understands how important your project is to you. It's important to us too. 


We seek out individuals and teams who are looking to tell stories that are compelling, irreverent, beautiful, frustrating, silly... Anyone can make a video nowadays with a phone. If you're looking to up the ante and give your short/scene/film/commercial a cinematic professional feel from an award winning team, Abhorrent Behavior is it. 

Kathryne and Matt are on track to produce their first of three feature films together during 2020-2021 with the colorful transcendent drama Borrelia Borealis, the otherworldly cosmic horror Sacred Feminine and the socially relevant The Last Doctor.

During the current Spring 2020 COVID-19 national quarantine, they have just released the 8-part webseries "It's Quarantine with Vanessa Charbonne" exploring the insanity that is the current state of the world.