Kathryne Isabelle Easton

Academy Nicholl Quarter Finalist, award winning screenwriter 

Kathryne started her writing career on a rough night after she had just auditioned for her 20th role of "prostitute." The prostitute didn't even have a name-- they just labeled her as "whore" in the script. (Welcome to Hollywood, right?) Kathryne was 21, and sick of the lackluster choices being offered to her. Always a "big picture" person, she decided to put her fate into her own hands, and she began writing roles for herself and her close friends. Parts where women were not merely set decoration or simply just waiting for their man to get back from his adventure. No. In Kathryne's projects, women would be the leads and they would be going on their own adventures, forging their own paths, having triumphs, crushing defeats, and they would not need to be likable or seen through the male gaze to make them great. 

In 2010, she optioned her first feature length screenplay, "Sunny Days Weight Loss," a dark comedic thriller about mysterious murders happening in a Lumpkin, Georgia weight loss clinic where double crossing, adulterous employees are beginning to drop like flies.


After penning a series of short films including "Sketch" and "Happy Birthday, Ray!" that were accepted into dozens of festivals and taking home some awards, Kathryne wanted to focus her attention on feature filmmaking. She took a year off, and wrote a feature length version of her award winning short, "Happy Birthday, Ray!" and it became an Academy Nicholl Quarterfianlist in 2014. It went on to take home honorable mention at the Westfield Screenwriting awards, and was a finalist in Bluecat, Screencraft, and Final Draft Big Break contests.

Additionally, for "Happy Birthday, Ray!" Kathryne was a finalist for the Toronto Story Lab at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) through her high scores on the Blcklst. 


She won the short film production grant in 2014 at the Richmond International Film Festival for her spec script, "Sleep to Dream" which they produced and shot in house, produced by Heather Waters. 

Currently, Kathryne is in post-production on a feature film she wrote, starred in, and directed during the COVID Quarantine, called "Borrelia Borealis." 

Kathryne writes copy and VO for unscripted material like documentaries and television docu-series presentations in addition to her narrative work. 

Writing/Directing Resume